We see a South Africa where no child is stunted.
A South Africa where every child’s body and brain grow great from the very start of their lives.

About Us

The Grow Great Campaign’s goal is to mobilise south africa to halve stunting by 2030.

Grow Great tackles key drivers of stunting in young children, pushing for national change while supporting local action by influencing public behaviour that shapes child growth and mobilising government, business and civil society to invest in zero stunting strategies.

Our Impact

The Grow Great impact in numbers

Community Health Workers Trained

Number of Children Growth Monitored

Pregnant women monitored and followed up

The Number of Franchisees Trained

The Number of Franchisees Licenced

Pregnant women & mothers supported

Our Projects

The Flourish Experience

Flourish is a national network of antenatal and postnatal classes that supports, celebrates, and empowers mothers throughout the critical first 1,000 days of a child’s life. The programme supports parents to provide responsive caregiving to their children.

Our Projects

Grow Great Champions

Community Health Workers are the critical workforce best placed to address the drivers of stunting in homes and communities


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Grow Great Campaign Celebrates Community Health Worker Day

Grow Great Campaign Celebrates Community Health Worker Day

Grow Great, a campaign committed to mobilising South Africa to halve stunting in young children by 2030, convened a diverse group of Community Health Care Workers on Friday in Diepsloot South to honour and acknowledge their invaluable contributions as everyday heroes....

A Comparative Look at Food Security in Party Manifestos

A Comparative Look at Food Security in Party Manifestos

An estimated 30 children are dying each day from malnutrition-related causes. This is happening in a country that produces more than enough food for everyone and where the right to sufficient food is enshrined in our Constitution. To improve access to basic nutritious...

The superpowers of Omega 3

The superpowers of Omega 3

For those who are on Twitter, it is no secret that Tito Mboweni loves to cook and eat pilchards, I’m not sure about his recipes, but he seems to enjoy them. Anyway, seeing pilchards on Tito Mboweni’s tweets always reminds me of a very powerful story about pilchards...