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Grow Great Journalism Awards

The Grow Great campaign, a national campaign with the aim to galvanise South Africa towards a national commitment to achieving zero stunting by 2030, is launching its inaugural Grow Great Journalism Awards.

The Award seeks to honour and recognise journalists whose work shines a spot light on one of South Africa’s most pressing challenges i.e. That almost a third of children under 5 in South Africa are unjustly denied the opportunity to reach their full potential as a result of stunted growth and development from preventable chronic malnutrition. Through this award the Grow Great campaigns seeks to encourage and support journalists in their continued pursuit of researching & writing pieces that help society grapple with some of its most urgent social ills, nutritional stunting being once such example of a social ill that threatens the futures of South Africa’s children and undermines our ambitions to break inter-generational cycles of poverty and inequality.


Winners will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st prize: R50 000 cash
  • 2nd prize: R25 000 cash
  • 3rd prize: R15 000 cash

Shortlisted candidates will also be invited to attend the 2019 high level Grow Great Seminar which will be held on the 18th of October in Johannesburg. Recipients of the 2019 Grow Great Journalism Awards will be announced at the 18 October seminar.

Eligibility requirements

Print, broadcast and online journalists are invited to submit two verifiable samples of their work covering stunting and nutrition to to be eligible to enter the awards. Only journalists who have in the past year (1 October 2018 – 30 September 2019) written or produced two journalistic pieces on stunting or related issues will be eligible for consideration for the awards.

By participating in the Grow Great Journalism Awards, entrants agree to their work to being published on Grow Great communication platforms for the purpose of promoting the awards and understand that they will not be remunerated for the use of their work in this manner.

Journalistic pieces written or produced by more than one person, must include signed letters of consent from all authors indicating their permission for participation in the competition. 

Television and radio pieces must be accompanied by a copy of the script.

Only entries submitted before midnight 30 September 2019 will be eligible for consideration.


Further enquiries can be sent to:

Duduzile Mkhize

Communications Specialist

076 694 9902


Ofentse Mboweni

Communications Officer

082 849 7404


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