The Grow Great nutrition challenge

The Grow Great nutrition challenge brought to you in partnership with Nulaid is a quiz competition that tests the knowledge of Gauteng parents and caregivers. The competition will run for four days from 12 to 15 October. The show will be running on the build up to the Africa Day of Food and nutrition which is the 30th of October.

The purpose of the competition is to inform parents and caregivers on the importance of nutrition for babies in the first thousand days. The first 1000 days of a child’s life (from conception to age two) is an opportunity to establish a foundation for children’s academic success, health and general wellbeing. Nutrition provides the energy that is required for a child’s early development. During the first 1,000 days, the brain grows more quickly than at any other time in a person’s life and a child needs the right nutrients at the right time to feed her brain’s rapid development.

The competition will have four episodes run over 4 days. Each episode will have five questions. Participants register to win on the Grow Great website page. Every day, two participants are randomly selected from the entries to compete live on the Grow Great Nutrition Challenge. The winner walks away with R1500. There will be no overall winner, at the end of the series we will have 4 winners.

The Grow Great Nutrition Challenge will be live on YFM radio.