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Tonight with Jane Dutton | Eradicating SA’s stunting crisis | 25 October 2018


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Grow Great is recruiting!

Grow Great is recruiting!

Grow Great, a campaign aimed at galvanizing South Africa towards achieving zero stunting by 2030 is recruiting for two roles: A Club Coordinator for the campaign’s Champions for Children program and a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer. Stunting is a condition that...

The Grow Great Campaign Launch

The Grow Great Campaign Launch

The Grow Great Campaign launched on the 17th of October 2018. The event was attended by the First Lady Dr Tshepo Motsepe who also gave a keynote speech. Speaking at the event Dr Motsepe said "This is a campaign that must take place in all sectors of our society in all...

Dr Motsepe warns against a future ‘stunted’ generation

Dr Motsepe warns against a future ‘stunted’ generation

Johannesburg - Breastfeeding babies, good nutrition and investment in ensuring healthy, disease-free environments can reverse stunted growth in South African children, South Africa's First Lady Dr Tshepo Motsepe said on Wednesday. At least 27 percent of children under...

Promoting a healthy lifestyle for Soweto’s moms-to-be

Promoting a healthy lifestyle for Soweto’s moms-to-be

SOWETO – A network of social franchises has sprung up across Soweto to meet the area’s needs for decent prenatal classes in the townships. Story by Pamela Mkhize. The franchises are known as Flourish and seek to offer universal access to mom and baby classes that...

Educating poor children is not enough to break the cycle of poverty

Stunting can be prevented. It is one of the country’s largest solvable problems if we all lend a hand to tackle it. Others have already done so successfully – and with fewer resources than we have. Millions of South Africans held their breath as they listened to...

Stunting the silent killer of South Africa’s potential

When we think malnutrition we tend to think of emaciated children struggling to survive, but malnutrition is also the cause of stunting – a largely invisible condition that is starving the economy by preventing our children from reaching their full potential. LINK TO...

What is undermining our investments in South Africa’s children

Returning to work following the December break, my colleagues at the Zero-Stunting Initiative and I, began to share stories of how our families view the work we are doing to tackle widespread and chronic undernutrition in SA. Stunted children are short-for-age because...

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