Community Health Workers (CHWs) are community leaders and heroes. What’s more, developing countries that have achieved significant reductions in stunting, credit much of their success to CHWs who play a central role in stunting reduction strategies. If one considers that a healthy child typically only interacts with the health system for approximately 20 of the first 1000 days, a strategy that includes interacting with the child and the primary care giver in the home is critical to the prevention of stunting.



What is the Champions for Children Club?

The Champions for Children Club is a community of practice and virtual resource centre for Community Health Workers that:

  • Provides access to a dedicated national information line, ongoing mentorship and resources that enable Community Health Workers to provide ongoing support to the families they care for.
  • Opportunities to receive training on the first 1000 days, with a particular focus on the growth monitoring of children.
  • Incentives to continue being everyday heroes in their communities.
  • Access to a social network of other Community Health Workers across the country as a means of peer recognition, friendly competition and positive reinforcement.

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The Champions for Children Club launched in Nkomazi, Mpumalanga on the 20th of September. To date, 156 Community Health Workers have signed up to join the club and be champions for children in their communities. Here’s to growing a nation of great ones-together!

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